The furniture of your house exhibits the essence of your style. It should be a true reflection of your personality. At Mateos, your desires will not be limited by lack of options. Instead, you will be blown away by the myriad choices where each option is as good as any. We will not only give you exactly what you want( We will give them what they want, customisation is their USP), but our abundance of interior variety will inspire you and increase the standard of what you want. We are here to create an opulent living experience like no other.


Your bed is subjected to a lot more than just sleep. Early morning laziness, late night reads, movie marathons, midnight snacking, deep conversations all happen in your warm, cosy bed. So your bed should speak comfort and style at the same time. Our extensive range of beds are an amalgamation of just that – finest quality coupled with ultra-modern and contemporary designs that make sleeping a more pleasurable and peaceful experience. Adding to this, Mateos provides you with the perfect storage & accessories that will adorn your bedroom in a way that each time you enter your bedroom, your senses will be submerged into a realm of absolute extravagance.


Dazzle yourself and your guests with Mateos furniture for your dining area. Our unprecedented uniqueness in style is going to blow you away as you enjoy your meals with your family and friends. From dining tables to generously cushioned upholstered chairs that perfectly complement the table, to stunning display cabinets to sideboards to sophisticated kitchen racks, we are here to create for you, an opulent experience like no other. We, at Mateos boast of a distinct design philosophy that will satiate all the cravings of your soul to get the perfect dining experience.

Living Room

Be prepared to linger in the sublime extravagance of a Mateos living room. For the part of the house where you relax and drink coffee and spend quality time with your family, we bring to you Italian leather finish sofas displaying class and durability, luxurious lounge chairs, stylishly simple coffee tables, plush recliners, sofas with complementing side tables and a lot more to give your home a balanced & subtle appeal. So after a Mateos makeover, you will no longer live the same. You will be treated to an extravagant experience on a daily basis.