Your house should be designed to complement your needs. As your needs change throughout the day, your house should be equipped to handle what you want and when you want. Everything which is required to make your life at home easier and convenient is housed at Mateos. In addition to supplying complete interior solutions, we also provide complete home automation solutions which will invariably leave you pleasantly delighted as you achieve more by putting in less effort.

A service deck with digital door lock and video door phone is passé. Some elements of our complete automation solutions include

Automated lighting – Which allows you to effortlessly transform the light that surrounds you.

Curtains – Which lets you adjust curtains from the comfort of wherever you are,

Occupancy/vacancy sensors – Which automatically alter the lighting and/or heating of a place by detecting occupancy of a place

Security cameras – which allow home monitoring, centralized air conditioning. Allow us to help you build a home that adapts according to you. One that perfectly responds to your needs. One that also saves your time and effort by reducing your manual involvement in what you want to do. We will furnish a home which is designed to deliver unbeatable performance along with being exceptionally good looking.


We house home automation solutions from the following brands:-