About us



One of the things we’ve always dreamt of is luxury living. We dream of having that perfect house with the perfect walls and plush sofas, a nice, spacious kitchen, elegant baths, and bedrooms that uplift your senses. We’ve imagined waking up to style & opulence and absolute comfort. We yearn for the home of our dreams, but never take a step ahead in that direction. We live a life of mediocrity when we actually deserve so much better.

But now you are here, and your payers have been answered. Mateos is the place to be if you are looking to give your home- i.e your kitchen, baths, bedrooms and living room – a stylish, sleek makeover. Our studio, situated at NH1, Panipat, Haryana, is North India’s biggest luxury interior experience centre. For anyone looking to live in their dream house, your search ends right here. Look no further.

We know your house is the one place which you call your own. One of the few places where you are truly yourself. It reflects who you are, your personality, style, taste, and choices. In accordance with that, first, we understand you, and then, we deliver. We grasp your style and specific requirements and customize everything for you. We will play the role of bringing alive your dream home. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the joyride. Feel free to treat us like your personal genie, while we are here to say – “Your wish is my command!”

Mateos is all about opulence and comfort – a one stop studio for all your luxury interior needs. Our studio, located at NH1, Panipat, Haryana is not just a display showroom, but an experience centre – all that goes into building your home from unexceptional to unbelievable is housed at Mateos. From bath fittings to modular kitchens to home theatres to fully furnished apartments and a lot more, come to us for anything and everything you’d possibly want for a high-end home. At the studio, you can see for yourself and get mesmerized by our admirable range of home interior products. Our motto is to manifest for you, your ideal home, as per your desire and requirements, in the easiest way possible. And we work hard for it.