5 tips to make your home monsoon ready

5 tips to make your home monsoon ready

by mateos |August 26, 2015 | Blogs special

Monsoon is coming and it’s going to get wet and dirty all over again. The first feeling that comes to every home owner when he or she sees those long black clouds’ coming in is what would happen to the interiors. Here are 7 solutions to adapt your home to the oncoming monsoons.

  1. The weather can get too monochromatic this season with too many shades of gray and white. It’s wise to change the color of your interiors to yellow or anything that beats the blues.
  2. One more thing that goes missing from your life when it’s monsoon is the lack of color in the sky. Again, everything turns pale and gloomy. To beat this, change your curtains with translucent drapes especially the ones that are blue in color. This will add more flavor to your eyes.
  3. The other aspect that must be addressed is the smell that comes along with the rains. The world isn’t really a clean place, we have something called drains which overflow from time to time, especially when it pours cats and dogs. Solve this problem; cause if you don’t your place, no matter how cool it looks, will overflow. Get a few scented candles and light one each in every room. This should take care of it.
  4. Now to go into more details with the color themes, change your pillow covers to add more spice to the already spiced up curtain theme for the monsoon. Try traditional Indian designs that look classy and also aren’t that hard to get.
  5. Now addressing the most monsoon effected part of the house of all time. The Floor. Yes I know, people at times forget basic etiquettes like taking off their shoes before entering the room. Hence, pack up your costly rugs and carpets and get basic brown carpeting. The reason you ask? Mud won’t show even if people walk over it hence reducing your work load.
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